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Name: David Alexander Aldersebaes

Age: 30

Reside: Woodstock, Illinois

Racing Category: 5

Hobbies outside cycling: Lots of music and travel. If I'm not in the saddle, I'm strapped to my bass, or strapped to seat 30A, nonstop to somewhere.

Favorite foods: any pasta dishes, anything tex-mex or mexican, and I absolutely love philly steak-and-cheese sandwiches, and chicken caeser salads.
Words to live by: Work hard, Play harder.

Favorite Racing Memory: Since my "career" is limited, the first race I finished in the top half....4 bridges of Elgin in '01. That was a good feeling. A mid bunch finish at
downer's was kinda fulfilling too, given last year was my first year of racing. I hope to eclipse that with many greater finishes in the season to come.

Name: Matthew Means

Age: 30 (race age 31)

Residence: Chicago

Racing Cat: 5

Hobbies: Reading, seeing live music, snow sports, pretty much anything outdoors, traveling, dreaming of early retirement, exploring new restaurants and exotic
foods, playing the violin, watching The Simpsons and Six Feet Under.

Favorite Foods: Best post-ride meal: scrambled eggs and sausage, eaten with chips and salsa and a beer. Otherwise lots of popcorn or Rainblow Bubble Gum.
Words to Live By: "Live for the process - not the product."

Favorite Racing Memory: Winning the Masters Citizen's category at Downers Grove in 2001 - my second bike race. It was raining and I didn't realize I was in the
lead until I came around the hill and noticed that it was just me and the pace car with a mile and a half to go. Also, running the mile in 4:39 in high school - I didn't
win but was excited about the PR.

Name: Jonathon Robert Grell

Age: 28 in October

Reside: Woodstock, Illinois

Racing Category: 2 road, what's a "track?"

Hobbies outside cycling: Playing drums, sailing, fishing, camping, hanging
out with family.

Favorite foods: After a long ride, a glass of skim milk and a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich (or six of them). That is tied with scrambled eggs.

Words to live by: There are so many great ones, but the first that comes to
mind and the one I will paraphrase comes from Teddy Roosevelt: "Tread
softly, but carry a big stick." The second one comes from Lake Forest's own,
Mr. T, and that's: "I pity 'da fool!"

Favorite Racing Memory: Riding an entire criterium on Greg Lemond's wheel in
downtown Phoenix in front of thousands of people, 1995. There was quite the
buzz around town when it was reported the week before that he'd be there.
His career was well on the wane, but the downtown was still packed with his
fans. It was the first time I had ever seen him. All the racers wanted to
ride next to him, but I think I would have won the prize for riding nearest
him for the longest time if there was one! However, the only prize I
received was an array of road rash and a miserable twenty mile ride home to
my apartment, bonking hard the whole way. . .crashed hard a last-lap pile
up. Still a day I'll never forget.

Name: Johnny(Gonzo) Firak

Age: 21

Reside: Moab, UT

Racing Category: Road 5? Mountain: Expert

Hobbies outside cycling: Camping/Hiking, Running/Competing, Eating food,
hangin' out with friends, Pimpin' the ladies, watching MTV's Jackass, The
Simpson's devotee.

Favorite Food: Carmon's pizza, Sushi, Subway and Mountain Dew.

Favorite Racing Memory: 1998 UCI World Cup Finals; Bromont, Quebec(Kockler, my Dad and I hangin' out in some French speaking country 14 hours away. 1999 NORBA Nationals at Mammoth and Park City.

Words to live by: GO!

Career High lights:
21st Jr. Expert NORBA NCS Red Wing, MN.,
9th over all expert WORS Phillips, WI.
17th NORBA NCS Red Wing, MN.
12th NORBA NCS Breckinridge, CO.
27th NORBA NCS Park City, UT.
9th UCI World Cup Jr. expert, Conyers, GA
17th UCI World Cup Finals, Bromont, Quebec, Canada
34st NORBA NCS Mammoth Mtn., CA
11th overall placing Midwest Collegiate Conference NCCA
NCCA National Qualifier Mtb.
1st expert NIORS Wilmot Mtn.
1st expert Morrison #3 Morrison, IL.
1st expert Morrison #7 Morrison, IL.
9th overall Expert WORS Lacrosse WI.
17th NORBA NCS Park City, UT
34th NORBA NCS Mt. Snow, VT

Name:  Rejean Noel Labbe

Age: 30

Reside:Chicago/ "East Village" (current name of area by the realestate

Category: 3 Road-no track (my skinney knees and fixed gear bikes DO NOT get

Hobbies: Reading, movies, music, painting, guitar (badly), drums (excellent).
Middle of third year @ Columbia, concentration in film and video
Conveniently(?) enough the thing I do to get the bills paid is messengering
in downtown Chitown...

Words to live by: My favorite quote does happen to be related to cycling
and was reportedly uttered by Sean Yates during 7-11's debut team time trial
in the TDF. Needless to say the time trial was going poorly and as one rider
complained about being on the front too long, Sean yelled "Shut up and

Favorite Racing Memory: It could be the first time I broke the top 3 in a
race (2nd), or my first win (Inaugural race in the western burbs). But these achievements are beaten by
2cms. My favorite racing memory is being fortunate enough to be in Milano
for the last stage of the 2000 Giro d'talia. I learned the meaning of

Name: Michael Paul Gregory

Age: 37

Reside: Under the "L" near where the LP Trixie's live > > Racing

Category: 3 road, 5 track

Hobbies outside cycling: Playing Duck.. Duck.. Goose!

Favorite foods: Can you say ICE CREAM and PB&Js

Words to live by: They always say time changes things, but you
actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol >

Favorite Racing Memory: It's a toss up between 2 of my early
races. One good and one not-so-good. Rolling out for my first road race in
Durango, CO during the Iron Horse Classic, I had trained and was ready for
the 3 mountain passes. Only a few miles into the race, the spokes on my new
wheel completely unlaced. I guess better there than on the downhill! Or the
other, being in the money for the first time! Grunski Fest up in Menasha, WI
as I had the heart rate redlined, I sprinted past 5 people to gain the last
place. No, it didn't pay the full entry fee, however, it paid a valuable
lesson. Position is everything.

Name:  Jason Mathew Meshberg

Age: Racing age 29

Reside: Humboldt Park on the West Side of Chicago

Hobbies outside cycling: I like hanging out with my wife, I like eating,
fossils are cool, and being nice to people, and I love playing basketball so
much that I have to purposefully stay away from the game.

Favorite foods: A great burrito is really satisfying, and anything after a

Words to live by: cycling—Dave Fowkes USCF track, “Go fast and take a left”
Oustide cycling- “When I was a Kid I thought the Whitman’s Sampler was a sure sign of fine tastes and good breeding” Charles Shabica

Favorite Racing Memory:
Winning a gamblers preme and staying out for the
win. Then collecting my prize money – 50 buckarooskies – then treating a
teammate to egg sandwiches and a couple rounds of Weiss Beer at 10 in the
morning. I was the Cat 5 Merckx that fine day in May.

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